How to begin

Send me an e-mail and describe your project.

What type of document is it?
How long is it? (A page is approximately 250 words.)
Who is your reader?
What is your time frame?
What is your budget?

I prefer to edit a sample of your document prior to finalizing an agreement for services. This ensures that we agree on the level of editing, the quality of the service you will receive, and the accuracy of my estimate. I do not charge anything to edit samples.

I will deliver your document on time and at the quoted price. If changes occur during the course of the project or unexpected revisions are necessary, I will immediately bring this to your attention and we can discuss any adjustments. There will not be any surprises.

For projects estimated to cost less than $500, payment is due by check or bank transfer at the completion of the project. For projects over $500, 25 to 50 percent of the total is due at an agreed upon date and the remainder upon completion.